How long do popies live?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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well , until they die.

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Q: How long do popies live?
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What country grows second most popies?

The most populer contry popies are in is north amrica

Where are popies made?

popies were made in flanders feild the legend is that poppies were white but became red from the soldiers blood Answer by Alivia Royal

Do popies grow in summer or winter?


What does the red on the popies mean?

They represent the soldiers blood.

What is opiate drug?

drugs that come from opium popies

Why can popies be soulgers graves?

Because poppies symbolize remembrance.

What flowers grew in the trenches in world war 1?


What trees flowers or plants are commonly found in Mexico?

yellow mexican popies, coffe plants

Were did the popies grow in World War 1?

In Flanders field the poppy's grow between the crosses row on row.

Why are popies used on Remembrance Day?

My explanation (not being British!) is that the fields of France (where the deadliest battles on the western front took place) were covered in poppies at the end of the war.

How long can a giant title live?

if you want it to live as long as you live you can stick with that

How long do Capuchin live?

how long do white-fronted capuchins live how long do white-fronted capuchins live