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On average they should last about 3 hours. When not using the camera, try not to keep it on because that could waste the battery. However also try not to turn it on and off constantly because it could damage the camera faster.

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Q: How long do digital camera batteries last on average?
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Where can I buy digital camera batteries?

Best Buy is the best place to buy digital camera batteries for your trip. It has great prices for the batteries and the batteries will last longer if you get them from Best Buy.

How can you make a digital camera's batteries last longer?

If you want any batteries to last longer then put the batteries in your fridge and that helps them to last longer!!

About how long can the most expensive digital camera batteries last?

The most expensive digital camera batteries will last about 4 hours if photos are taken one after the other. If photos are taken in a normal way, at a rate of 2 per hour, the batteries will last 20 days.

Why don't my batteries last longer in my digital camera?

The life of your batteries can depend on your usage,please remeber to turn your camera off when not being used.

How long do digital camera batteries usually last?

NiMh runtime is about reported to be around two hours.

Will cheap batteries harm my digital camera?

No, but they will not last as long, and because of this, in most cases it's actually "cheaper" to buy reliable brands of batteries.

What types of batteries work best in a digital camera?

Alkaline batteries usually do not last very long, while lithium batteries usually last a little bit longer and can handle colder weather. Rechargeable batteries are probably the best as they can be recharged easily and last a long time because of this.

What digital camera battery takes the most pictures between charges?

Batteries that comes specific to your camera tend to last the longest, but for rechargable AA batteries, the the new hybrid Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) are considered the best.

Is it better to use rechargeable batteries for cameras?

I have always used rechargeable batteries in my camera. They last longer (regular AA and AAA drain very fast in digital cameras) and are better for the environment.

Do Olympus camera batteries have a long life span?

Olympus camera batteries last on average the same as other battery brands. To extend the charge life of your camera battery be sure to not use the LCD panel since it drains the battery.

Bringing Digital Cameras on a Road Trip?

Bringing digital cameras on a road trip is a great way to have fun and take pictures that will make the memories you have now last a lifetime. Digital cameras are generally powered by either batteries or by a charger. There are two ways to ensure that you can keep your digital camera fully powered on a road trip. If you are bringing your digital camera on the road trip, it may be a wise idea to stock up on plenty of batteries in advance, especially if your camera needs a specific kind of battery. Camera chargers are a great way to keep from spending money on batteries, however, you will need to make sure that your camera is fully charged. It is ideal to charge your camera overnight so that you can use it during the day.

Are CR2 batteries better than rechargeable batteries for use in a digital camera?

CR2 batteries may be able to last a little longer in your digital camera, but that may not make them the best choice. Even with extended use time, you will still have to buy new ones regularly, whereas you simple need to charge reusable ones. In addition to saving you money, rechargeable batteries help reduce toxic waste since they aren't being thrown out.

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