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You can live a long normal life without it. You just have to change how you eat

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Q: How long can you live without a stomach?
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Can you live without a portion of your stomach?


Can your stomach digest a stomach if you eat one?

=Of coarse ,can you live without mucus is the real question!!!!!=

When was the first stomach transplant?

Stomach's are not generally transplanted, since it is possible to live without them.

Is a stomach transplantable?

It is indeed, however stomach transplants are rarely performed since it is actually possible to live without your stomach.

How long do cells in the stomach survive?

stomach lining cells live for about 2 days

How long does sperm live inside the stomach?

Stomach acid kills the sperm almost immediately.

How do people live without a stomach?

A majority of the people who have their stomach removed have an advanced form of stomach cancer. They go through the surgery, which includes attaching a part of the small intestine to a manually inserted feeding tube. It's very possible to live a good, healthy life without a stomach.

How long can you live after a bullet wound to the stomach?

20 minutes

How will be life without part of the stomach?

While it is not common for one's stomach to be removed, it is not impossible to live life without it. If one lacks a stomach, one will need to be mindful of one's food and portions of food.

What are two unique facts about the stomach?

the stomach is a very interesting organ!some people evencan live without one.

Is it possible for me to live long without death?

no ________________ You can live long without death, but you can't live forever without death. Death will overtake you eventually.

Could you live without your stomach?

Surprisingly, yes, you can live without your stomach. In cases like stomach cancer, severe ulcers, and the like, all or a large part of the stomach may need to be removed. During such a gastrectomy, the esophagus is connected to the small intestine. Eventually, your system adapts, although you are probably going to have to adjust your diet.