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That depends on the amount of damage. Complete liver failure will result in death within hours.

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Q: How long can a human survive with a damaged liver?
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How long can a human survive with hapathic liver disease?

cant last than a day l mean one,

How long drinking does the liver get damaged?

Abusive drinking for a period of decades can cause liver damage.

Can a damaged liver cause drugs to remain in the system long after use?

Yes any long term pain medication can cause liver damage.

How long can a liver survive outside the body?

It is now possible to preserve a liver out of the body for 10 to 20 hours

Can the liver be removed?

Transplanted, yes. Replaced artificially, no. The unique functions of the liver require that the human body has one that is functioning. This is why livers, or parts of livers, are transplanted in cases of hepatic failure or damage.

Which organs are the most commonly damaged as a result of long-term prescription drug abuse?

kidney n liver

Which organs are the most commonly damaged as a result of long term prescription drug abuse?

kidney n liver

Could a human survive inside the dryer?

Not for very long !

What can be the long term liver damage after surgical accident where liver was cut?

You would have to discuss that with your doctor. We do not know the location of the incision, nor what was damaged. However, assuming that there was no infection, there should be no major long-term functional damage after a minor incision.

How long does it take for a human liver to go through cell cycle?

about 4 hours

How long can jungles live?

a human can survive in jungle about 4 weeks if you have alot of water you can survive about 7 weeks.

How long can the human body survive on alcohol alone?

Not very long, alcohol dehydrates your body.