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TSS is fast acting, you'd start to see symptoms of TSS within the first few hours.

Symptoms can include vomiting, diarrhea, headache, rash, fever, and low blood pressure.

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Q: How long before you see signs of TSS?
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You have had symptoms for tss but you are not sure you have it?

If you suspect TSS you must seek immediate medical attention, TSS can take hold quickly and can kill within a week, medical attention is urgent. Symptoms of TSS can vary greatly but in all cases you would see a fever and low blood pressure.

Lost a tampon which now out but think may have an infection?

Go see a doctor! SOONEST! Tampons in too long can cause TSS, which can be VERY BAD.

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Are the symptoms of TSS continuous or can someone get them occasionally?

TSS symptoms can occur monthly with your menstrual cycle when you have a mild case, they will present like flu and may pass but long-term can lower your immunity and result in a serious life-threatening case - a doctor can run tests for TSST-1 antibodies to see if this is TSS. In a serious case of TSS within a few days you'd suffer organ failure and you would die within a week, with a serious case it's not something you get occasionally...without urgent medical care you die.

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How does the white stuff look like before you get you period?

The "white stuff" is called vaginal discharge. It can look: * Smooth like cream * Ropy and thick * Maybe other ways If it is brown or yellow, see a doctor. You may have TSS or something. The "white stuff" is called vaginal discharge. It can look: * Smooth like cream * Ropy and thick * Maybe other ways If it is brown or yellow, see a doctor. You may have TSS or something.

What do i do if i left a tampon in for 3 day and for got about it?

you might wanna see a doctor. big chance of TSS. but howd you forget if u use the bathroom, don't you see it?

How long after removing a tampon would you know that it was not toxic shock?

It's a myth that TSS only occurs from leaving tampons in too long - most TSS cases occur within the first 2-3 hours of use. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) occurs when certain bacteria multiply and start creating TSST-1 toxins, these toxins enter the body via vaginal tissues and damage caused by tampon use, if you lack immunity to TSST-1 toxins they overwhelm the immune system leading to TSS. If a person lacks immunity to TSST-1 toxins then the effect is immediate, these toxins don't wait until X number of hours to take effect. If a tampon is left too long this increases the likelihood of bacteria responsible for TSS multiplying to unsafe levels and starting to produce TSST-1 toxins, likelihood of TSST-1 toxins accumulating to unsafe levels, and of TSST-1 toxins entering your body and having a serious effect. There is no specific time-frame when you may contract TSS or start to see symptoms.