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they are pregnant for 9 months

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Q: How long are women pregnant then have their baby?
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Smoking by pregnant women can hurt the?


What does a pregnant women experience during their pregnancy?

she has a baby

How long THC stays in 8 month pregnant women?

Don't worry about how long it stays in the woman, the real issue is - what has it done for the baby?

Do pregnant women stay at alderson prison?

Pregnant women do stay in prison. They have the baby in the infimary or in another place if necessary. Then the baby goes to relatives or the state.

Can women get pregnant after the age of fifty five?

Women can get pregnant as long as they are menstruating

Why do women kill women who are 9 months pregnant then cut their stomachs and take the babies out?

Obviously they want a baby but can't have children so they do that to pregnant women. But as far as I'm concerned if they want a baby but can't have children they should adopt a baby. Women who murder pregnant women then cut their stomachs and take the babies out they end up getting caught. They go to prison and are charged for murdering a pregnant woman and kidnapping a new born baby. Seriously it's crazy doing that a pregnant women.

What are the effects of drug use by pregnant women?

it can hurt the baby

Why do pregnant women need more energy and protein than a non pregnant women do?

It is because the pregnant women need more energy and protein to build the body tissues for the baby.

How long after a pregnant women eats does it take for the food get to the baby?

The nutrients are constantly going to the baby. Anytime you eat anything the nutrients from the food flow to the baby. This is a constant process with no time frame.

I just had a baby how long does it take to get pregnant?

You can get pregnant straight away

Is banana can bad for pregnant women is it bad for a baby?

Bananas are great for both women and babies.

Can a pregnant women with a regurgitation have a baby?

If she is already pregnant she is having a baby. Regurgitating is a common pregnancy symptom that almost all goes through.

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