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5 weeks

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Q: How long after you get your belly button pierced can you tan?
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Can you get a spray tan after getting your belly button pierced?

I would wait 3. Months (: that's what my piercer told me

Can you go tanning two weeks after having your belly button pierced?

spray tanning= infection Heat tanning in tanning bed= tan line around bellybutton jewlery and possible infection .

Is it okay to tan with your belly freshly pierced?

Yes but keep tanning oil or tanning lotion away from the piercing.

How long should you wait to go tanning after getting your belly button pierced?

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to go tanning after any body piercing. When lying in a tanning bed, the jewelry that is in a new piercing will heat up and burn your raw pierced skin. This is not good for the healing process. I'm not sure what happens if you do, but to be on the safe side, DON'T TAN WITH A NEW PIERCING!!!!

Can you salon tan with a belly button piercing?

You can but you should take the percing out because if you don't it might leave a little tan mark in a ring shape where your perching is

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Can you tan with a belly button piercing?

my first belly piercing was at the end of May of last year so right before summer and i swam, tanned, and changed the piercing all the time and noting happened to me. the only thing i recommend is just use sunscreen and you'll be fine :]

Can you Tanning and just got your tongue pierced?

Yes you can tan, tanning has no effect on your tongue piercing.

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