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A missed period means you miss a month in your cycle, so it's pretty easy to tell. A late period means that it comes later in your cycle than usual, depending on how regular you usually are. For example, if you ALWAYS start on a certain day like clockwork, it can be considered late even if only by two days. A late period is nothing to worry about unless it is also unusually short or spotty. If you are usually regular and you have been having unprotected sex a missed period can be one day. With my second pregnancy (18 years ago) I had a positive pregnancy test on the day my period was due. 3 years earlier I had to wait 2 weeks after my missed period before the test came up positive. Then a scan gave me a date 10 days after my EDD by LMP, so I guess I ovulated late that month.

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Q: How late do you have to be for it to be considered a missed period?
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Is there a difference between a missed period and a late one?

well..obviously, i mean a missed period you never have and a late period you eventually have. better late than never..right?(:

Can gonorrhea cause a missed period?

Gonorrhea will not cause a missed period. Take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

Can xanax cause you to get your period late or miss a period?

Xanax (alprazolam) will not cause missed or late periods.

Can the HPV jab make your period late?

The HPV vaccine is not known to cause a missed period. Your period is probably late for another reason.

Can an STD make you miss a period?

An STD will not cause a missed period. If your period is late, take a pregnancy test.

Can vitamins make you make your period late or missed?

not neccesarlly it would be delayed by like 3 days but missed

Do a missed period usually indicate that your pregnant?

not really it could be starting late

Are diarrhea and migraines signs of pregnancy?

If you have missed your period you can do a test. Not usually, most common sympoms of pregnancy are nausea and/or vomiting, breast tenderness, and late or missed period.

Could you be pregnant missed period for 7 days?

you could be but it could also be late

Is it to soon to take a pregnancy test 4 days after a missed period?

no it is not too late

Can you abort naturally if you are missed period 1 DAY LATE?

no. it means your late is all. it doesnt mean your preggo necessarily.

Can inserting your NuvaRing prior to your period cause it to be missed or late?

Yes, inserting NuvaRing before your period can delay bleeding.

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