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By touching an infected area of another person's body.

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Q: How is herpes contracted?
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Does waka flocka have herpes?

an Atlanta groupie claimed after having unprotected sex with the rapper that she contracted genital herpes Waka Flocka never spoke on behalf of he incident

How did roman emperor caliuga die?

Caliuga was infamous for his sexual escapades and contracted herpes. He eventually died from this.

Did Former President Clinton contract herpes?

There is no credible evidence or information to suggest that former President Clinton contracted herpes. It is important to rely on accurate sources when discussing individuals' health conditions

How did my friend get herpes he said he was always safe he always used condoms He said once he didn't have one so he borrowed his roomates condom he found in the trash The doctor said he had herpes?

He would have contracted the disease from the used condom.

What's Genital herpes?

When You;ve Been Sleeping with People that have Genital Herpes, Has warts growing on there privates . No, Genital Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus that is contracted when you have any sexual contact with a person including sex, masturbation, or kissing. Medicine can shorten or stop outbreaks for a period of time but it can not cure herpes.Genital herpes is a viral infection caused by being infected by the HSV-2 virus.Genital herpes is a viral infection from the virus HSV-type 2 that may cause painful sores in the genital area.gential herpes means your gendar and herpes that are on your body on your leg and down

Can animals get STDs-one of my family members has herpes and she left her tampon in the trash where my ferret accidentally ate it eeww. Now he has an infection on his ear-could he have herpes?

The chances that a human virus, such as the herpes virus, mutates and gets tansferred to an animal is very rare. In this case, i would say the chances your ferret contracted herpes from eating a tampon that had been used by a herpes positive woman is ridiculously low. If you are concerned about the infection on your ferrets ear, I would take him to the vet. The cause of the infection is most likely a ferret viral infection, bacteria, mites, a rash etc...

Can you get a cold sore if you are not exposed but are a carrier?

Yes. Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus, which once contracted remains dormant in your system for life; you do not have to be re-exposed to the virus for it to enter an active phase again.

You are man with herpes simplex 2 can you still have children without passing it to them?

Yes, the only way it could be contracted from a parent is if their was contact during vaginal birth and the woman had it. They might give the woman a c-section to prevent that.

Is it smallpox contracted or is it genetic?

It's contracted.

Can you get herpes from kissing a girl's but cheeks?

Herpes can be on your cheek.

How is malaria contracted?

Malaria is usually contracted from an infected mosquito

How many words are contracted into apostrophes?

No words are contracted into apostrophes.