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Its is never really stated in the original story except that Scrooge is instructed by the Ghost of Christmas Present to take hold of his robe. It is generally assumed that ghost can move on a differing plane to humans and cannot be seen

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Q: How is Scrooge able to be transported by the spirit?
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How was Scrooge able to travel with the spirit?

In "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, Scrooge was able to travel with the spirit by holding onto the spirit's robe or hand. This physical connection allowed Scrooge to be transported to different places and times by the spirit.

What did scrooge say to the ghost about the scene?

Scrooge asked the ghost if the scene they were witnessing pertained to the future.

Whose headstone does the spirit show to Scrooge?

The spirit shows Scrooge his own headstone in the book.

Which spirit is the most frightning to Scrooge?

The answer is the spirit of the future

Who was the second spirit to visit Scrooge?

The Spirit of Christmas Present.

What did each spirit show Scrooge?

second spirit show scrooge tht bein lonely is not good at all...... by: rodrigo moreira

How does Scrooge initially react to the spirit what is his attitude?

He was scared and unwilling to accompany the spirit. Scrooge's attitude is one of terror when the spirit asks him to take his hand and take off into the sky.

What is spirit of republicanism?

ask scrooge mcduck

What was the second spirit that visited Scrooge?

The second spirit to visit scrooge in A Christmas Carol is the Ghost of Christmas Present. The ghost takes Scrooge to both his nephew and employee's home in the present time. He also appears with two spirit children, Ignorance and Want.

What does Scrooge tell the last spirit he is willing to do?

Scrooge tells the last spirit that he is willing to embrace the spirit's lessons and change his ways. He vows to honor Christmas in his heart and keep it alive all year round.

Where did Scrooge put his hands?

On the Ghosts robe so that he might be safely transported

What happened when Scrooge touched the robe of the ghost?

When Scrooge touched the robe of the ghost, he felt a chill run through him and it caused the ghost's form to dwindle down to the size of a child. This hinted at the spirit's fragile nature and the impact of Scrooge's actions on the ghost's existence.