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well origanally Christmas was celabrated by christians for the celebration of baby Jesus, hen, other people started celebrating it for other reasons

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Q: How is Christmas different from Victorian Christmas and modern Christmas?
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What are the differences between Modern and Victorian Christmas?

Modern Christmas is about spending and quantity. Victorian Christmas was about making sure that everybody had something, sharing even a piece of bread with poor.

When do Christmas trees date back to?

Christmas trees date back to the Egyptians and Druids although their modern use dates to Victorian times in Germany.

Different types of decoupage?

Victorian and modern 2d and 3 dimensional.

Is a Victorian Christmas the same as your Christmas?


Which companies offer traditional Victorian Christmas clip art?

Webweavers is a company that offer traditional Victorian Christmas clip art .If there is one thing inseparable from a traditional Victorian Christmas, it is ‰ÛÓ the Christmas cracker.

What are the differences between Christmas now and Christmas in the past?

No, Christmas now is not different from Victorian times because they had parties and we have parties too!

Did miners celebrate Christmas during the Victorian gold rush?

Yes. Christmas was certainly celebrated on the Victorian goldfields.

What was another name from how when and where from the book A Christmas Carol?

Victorian Christmas

Why were Victorian Christmas's always white?

They were not

How are modern trees different from Christmas trees?

The smell isn't the same

Where is the setting of the movie Christmas carol?

A Christmas Carol is set in Victorian London, England.

When did the Christmas tree come to England?

Victorian times