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This will depend entirely on the condition of the rifle.

Assuming you refer to the SMLE rifle, excellent, like new condition- perhaps $5-600 US. With a worn barrel, poor headspace, damaged wood, etc, perhaps $50 US.

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Q: How huch is a 1916 british 303 worth?
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What is your 303 British riffle worth?


How much is a british 303 worth?

100-1000 USD or so depending on specifics

British 303 with iron adjust sights bolt act What is it worth?

100-300 USD or so

What is a 303 british enfield worth?

50-500 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have, condition, accessories, etc..

What is a British 303 worth?

Anywhere from $100 to over $1000 depending on model, condition, presence of distinct markings, etc.

303 british enfield rifle mk1 no?

number5 mark 1 enfield 303 british jungle carbine

Is there a Springfield 303?

yes there is a springfield .303 i have one from 1942 its a springfield rifle with a .303 british barrell

Can you shoot 303 savage ammo in a 303 enfield?

The .303 British and .303 Savage are not the same. Only purchase the caliber that is printed on the barrel.

Can you fire 303 british in a 7.7 jap rifle?

yes it is just a difreint mesherment 303 is british and 7.7 is jap.

Picture of 303 british Enfield?

How much is a ww super british 303 bullet worth?

If it's a W-W Super, .303 Brittish it's not worth much. This is a common round. W-W stands for Winchester-Western (brand name of the ammo manufacturer), SUPER is a line of ammo they offer, and .303 Brittish is the caliber of the bullet. A box of 20 rounds can be bought for around $10.

Do you have a picture of a british 303 and the size ammo they use?

Do a search for: British No.1 MkIII, No.4 Mk1, No. 5 Jungle carbine or British Enfield these are the three major models of the .303 British rifles.