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how did washington view on slavery evolved over time

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Q: How has slavery evolved over time?
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Where did Lincoln stand on slavery?

Abraham Lincoln opposed the expansion of slavery into new territories in the United States. While he initially did not seek to abolish slavery in the existing Southern states, his views evolved over time, and he eventually issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, declaring that all slaves in Confederate territories were to be freed.

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What was Abraham Lincoln's evolution?

I'm not sure I understand the question, but if you are asking how he changed or evolved, one big issue on which he evolved was slavery. While there is little evidence he was ever a big supporter of slavery, he at first believed in a hands-off approach, where each state would decide for itself. But as time passed, he came to believe slavery was tearing the country apart and it needed to end. By the time he ran for president, he was no longer convinced that the states should be allowed to decide; he had evolved to the viewpoint that it was time for the federal government to take a stand in ending slavery throughout the country.

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Was Stephen Douglass pro or anti slavery?

Stephen Douglas supported popular sovereignty, which allowed territories to decide whether to allow slavery. He believed in letting each territory make its own choice on the issue of slavery, rather than imposing a federal decision. Overall, his position on slavery was complex and evolved over time, leading to criticism from both pro and anti-slavery groups.

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