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The speed at which the body processes food is dependent on quite a few bodily functions. The speed of digestion depends on metabolism and complexity of foods consumed.

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Q: How fast does the body process food?
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What is the name of the process of utilization of food by the body?

Assimilation is the process of utilization of food by the body.

How does fast food make the body fat?

Eating too much fast food and get no exercise will make you fat.

What can fast food do to you?

Fast food can hurt your body in multiple ways. Such as having a much higher fat intake than your body requires and clog your arteries.

What is the process of taking nutrients into the body and making them part of the body?

The process of digestion is how the body absorbs nutrients from food.

Advantages of eating fast food to your body?


How do fast foods hurt the body?

Fast food is very unhealthy for the body. It is very fattening and does not contain much nutritional value.

How fast does food move down your body?

2 hours

Heat lamps in a fast food restaurant keep food warm through the process of?

Infrared radiation.

Is a substance in food that helps with body process?

nutrients :)

What is the function of an organ?

The function is to process the food in our body

Process by which the body takes in and uses food?

The human body breaks down food for absorption and assimilation through the process of digestion. Both mechanical and chemical digestion is used to spread the food pieces through the human body.

What is the process of changing food inside the body so that the body can use it?