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As fast as you can operate the bolt of the rifle.

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Q: How fast does the Springfield 1903 rifle shoot?
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How fast does the bullet from a World War 1 gun travel?

Which gun? A bullet fired from a rifle, such as the 1903 Springfield, K98 Mauser or SMLE can travel about 2600 to 2800 ft per second.

How fast can a muzzle loading rifle shoot?

Depends on the skill of the user.

How fast can the intervention gun shoot?

not very fast actually, it is a bolt action sniper rifle and if you want to fire it fast you better be able to reload a bolt action fast

What is the punchline to the joke Why did the river guide carry a rifle?

Here is the long punchline: The enemy was fast approaching, threatening him and his party! But like Daniel Boone, this river guide came prepared! He would use his rifle to shoot the rapids!

How far do rifles shoot?

Have fast can a car go? Depends on the car- and your question depends on the rifle. A .22 rimfire can shoot ACCURATELY about 150 yards, or about a mile maximum (no accuracy) A .50 Barret can shoot accurately over 2000 yards, or maximum of about 5 miles.

How fast does 270 win shoot?

Muzzle velocity of a .270 will vary with the rifle and the loading of that cartridge, but may be as low at 2700 fps, or high as 3400 fps.

How do you shoot bullets fast in Maplestory?

Use a gun that allows you to shoot fast and use gun booster.

How do you kill the chobacabra on red dead undead nightmare?

there is no real way just move back and shoot in head with buffalo rifle and use dead eye super fast.

How fast is a rifle bullet?

as fast as waliur and leyla (love)

How fast do the bullets go on an AK 47 and how fast does it shoot?

2500+ fps and it could shoot as long as you want in eyes view.

How fast does semen shoot out?

About as fast as Brett Favre throws a football.

How fast does the dangerous power G4 shoot?

The G4 can shoot up to 25 bps