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The ones the US navy has developed shoot projecticles at mach 5.

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Q: How fast can a projectile travel from a rail gun?
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What projectile would you use for a rail gun?

l would use aluminum

What is the best projectile for a rail gun?

Since the rail gun does not yet exist, there is no way to answer your question. Researchers are working on it, but there are no REAL railguns yet. Sorry-

What is magnetic gun?

By Magnetic Gun, I'm assuming you are referring to a projectile weapon that uses the forces of magnetism to launch a "bullet" or projectile at high velocities. Also referred to as a "Rail Gun" The basic premise is; a series of electromagnets are placed in a row and each is turned on and off in series creating a wave effect. The projectile is ferrous, meaning it contains iron and is there for attracted to the magnetic force. As the first electromagnet is turned on, the projectile is propelled towards it, the first magnet is shut off and the second magnet energizes carrying the projectile further down the "rail". If enough magnets are used in the proper sequence, rail guns can reach remarkable speeds.

What is the use of projectile gun?

To propel a projectile.

How does a rail gun work?

A railgun is an entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails. Railguns use two sliding or rolling contacts that permit a large electric current to pass through the projectile. This current interacts with the strong magnetic fields generated by the rails and this field is what accelerates the projectile.

What is the different between a rocket fired from a gun and a rocket propelled projectile?

The rocket powered projectile does not have to be in a gun.

What shoots faster a gun that shoots 280 feet per second or a gun that shoots 700 feet?

Depends on how fast the gun that shoots 700 feet gets it projectile to 700 feet.

What is a guass gun?

Gauss gun. I think it's also called a "rail gun." It uses electricity and magnetism to accellerate a projectile along a track or down a tube. It does not use gunpowder, compressed air, or other common forms of shooting a bullet or pellet.

Factors that determine intermediary range gun shot wound?

Projectile speed, projectile expansion, and projectile size are a few factors that determine intermediary range of a gun shot wound.

What is recoil velocity?

When a gun is fired, the projectile goes one way, the gun goes in the opposite direction. That is recoil. Recoil velocity would be the speed at which the gun moves when it recoils. Since the gun is heavier than the projectile, it will recoil more slowly than the projectile moves.

Which is safer a cap gun or an air soft gun?

A cap gun has no projectile- airsoft does.

What is the Difference in gun calibers?

The size of the projectile.