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About 400 meters in semi auto mode, 300 meters in full auto.

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Q: How far will a AK-74 shoot accurate?
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How accurate is the ak74 rifle?

2-3 MOA at 100 meters

How do you stop a male swan from attacking you?

Shoot it with a shotgun or: shoot it with a ak74 knife it dont go near the swans give it food :)

How far will a 22 mag shoot accuretly?

roughly about 22 miles accurate

Which is better an M4 or an AK74?

M4 is more accurate and has better firer ergonomics. AK74 is more forgiving of abuse and thus is better suited for irregular troops and conscripts. So it really depends on who the operator is.

How far will a 357 magnum shoot accurate?

You will have to define what "accurate" means to you. I've made shots out to 100m and seen shots made at 300m

How far will a 223 shoot accurately? says that on a calm day, it can be acceptably accurate out to around 600 yards.

How do you do i kill my brother My brother is beating me in call of duty and i wanted to know how to kill his character?

Get a stoner 63 or AK74 u and shoot him. If you know he is somewhere, throw a samtex at his direction. Mabye put a gernade launcher on the ak74 u. Hope u KA

How far does the longstrick cs6 shoot Nerf?

It's supposed to shoot 10.7 m but it's more accurate when you take the barrel off. (yes, it comes off)

How far can a double barrel shotgun shoot?

Depends on the ammunition. Rifled 12 gauge slugs are accurate to about 150 yards

How far will a 22-250 shoot?

Total range is about 3 miles, accurate range about 450-500 yards, depending on the exact rifle.

How far can a gun shoot?

some shoot far and some dont so they all dont shoot the same length

Does an ak47 and an ak74 us the same ammo?

No. The AK47/AKM use the 7.62x39 M1943 cartridge. The ammo used by the AK74 is 5.45x39.5.

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