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2 weeks after sex at the earliest

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โˆ™ 2010-03-28 22:25:24
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Q: How far into pregnancy do your breasts hurt?
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At what point in pregnancy do breasts hurt?

The beginning

How far on in pregnancy with tender breasts and butterfly feeling?

6 weeks

How early in the pregnancy will it start to hurt to lay on your stomach?

it really depents how far into the pregnancy you are....

How early in pregnancy do breasts begin to hurt?

Some women do not get tender breasts at all. In my first pregnancy my breasts were so tender about 3 days after my missed period that I couldn't bewar them being touched, in my second I had no breast symptoms whatsoever.

If your breasts normally hurt from ovulation to your period now period is due in 3 days and it doesn't hurt is that a sign of pregnancy?

Impossible to say.

How far along in pregnancy do your breasts start hurting?

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Are you pregnant if your breasts are swollen but don't hurt?

Both the times I was pregnant my breasts were swollen but not sore right away but only a pregnancy test will tell you for sure.

How far along in pregnancy do your breasts leak?

Depends on the person. it could start at any tiem

Will your breasts leak in the beginning of pregnancy?

No, breasts leak in the latter part of pregnancy.

Can During your first month into your pregnancy your breasts hurt and your nipples itch?

Every woman's development is different, but yes, it is possible. Breasts grow through a great many changes in preparation for nursing a child. It is worth noting that pregnancy is not the only cause of aching breasts and itching nipples.

Do your breasts always hurt during pregnancy?

They shouldn't! Actually, that is one of the sign of advanced breast cancer! You'd better get checked!

Do breasts have to hurt to ovulate?

Breasts do not HAVE to hurt to ovulate. However, it is often the case that they do. It depends on the person. Some times a womans breasts hurt, while another womans dont.

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