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It depends on the microphone.

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Q: How far a microphone can detect a sound?
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What are three ways to detect sound?

I could only find two...your ears and a microphone

How would you detect a soundwave?

The human ear can detect sound waves, but it has limited range and sensitivity. Some might chose to use a microphone and an associated electronics package to detect sound. Sound that is too soft to be detected or at too high or low a frequency to be heard might be looked at on a screen where the sound picked up by the microphone is amplified and converted to a picture that is displayed to provide a visual representation of the sound.

How do you detect sound?

Sound is vibrations. It can be detected with a microphone. I grew up with a deaf family and would go to concerts with inflated baloons.

How does a decibel reader detect decibels?

A SPL meter is a sound pressure level meter where a microphone diaphragm is moved by the sound pressure variations and the voltage output of the microphone is shown at a voltmeter. The volts are calibrated to decibels.

Is an microphone an output?

No input sound is microphone output sound is speaker

What is sensitivity?

The ability of an organism, or part of an organism, to detect changes in the environment is termed as sensitivity. What is microphone sensitivity? A microphone sensitivity specification tells how much electrical output in millivolts a microphone produces for a certain sound pressure input in dB SPL. If two microphones are subject to the same sound pressure level and one puts out a stronger signal (higher voltage), that microphone is said to have higher sensitivity.

What is an microphone?

A microphone is an object that is to amplify or record sound waves.

How does sound travel through a microphone?

Sound waves enter the microphone and are then converted to an analog electric current.

How do we detect sound?

Normally, we detect sound by listening with our ears. As sound is waves, there are instruments that can detect and show the waves on a screen.

Is any of these objects not a sound source Speaker Microphone Flute?


Can sound be converted into electricity?

Think about what happens in a microphone as that's what a microphone does.

What does microphone convert sound energy into?

sound energy