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NOTHING is 100% effective and you always run the risk of getting pregnant. The only Birth Control is the pill or patch and there are a lot of long-term side effects from this. This problem has always been a blight to women and scientists would come up with more options for birth control for men only they'd forget to take it. LOL

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Q: How effective are condoms with spermicidal lubricant?
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Do lifestyles condoms use spermicidal lubricant?

some do some don't. read the box

What type of condoms are the best?

Trojan brand condoms are the most reliable. Use their spermicidal lubricant types for increased protection.

Do spermicidal condoms work?

Yes they do, in fact spermicides used together with latex condoms are quite effective.

Do condoms with spermicidal lube prevent pregnancy?

Properly used they are very effective. BUT no birth control is 100% effective.

What do condoms do?

Spermicidal condoms kill sperm.

Which condoms have spermicidal fluid?

Trojan Makes a couple spermicidal condoms, ribbed and non ribbed

Is spermicidal foam a non-prescription contraception?

In the US, spermicidal foam is available without a prescription. It is not a very effective contraceptive on its own, but is effective when used with condoms or other forms of contraception.

If lubricant doesn't mean spermicide then why when i asked earlier you said only lubricated condoms have spermicide?

Because a lubricant (makes things slippery) so a condom may be lubricated but not kill sperm (spermicide) BUT all spermicidal condoms are also lubricated.

What condoms contain spermicide?

Trojan makes a couple spermicidal condoms

How effective are spermicide condoms?

Spermicidal condoms are very effective providing they do not rip or tear..1 percent according to condom labels. Condoms are 99.9 percent effective. Word of advice from a single mom though, go get birth control and always use a condom. Better to be super safe, than not.

Why do condoms expire?

The latex or material they are made of can wear down, and become less effective, and expire. Also, if they are spermicidal, the spermicide can expire as well.

Are durex condom's spermicidal lubricant?

Some are and some aren't but if the package doesn't say spermicidal lubricant, assume it's not and get your own. It's over the counter in most drugstores in the U.S.

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