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It could hurt your baby

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Q: How does weed affect pregnancy?
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Does weed affect a pregnancy test?


Is weed good for a pregnancy?

No, weed is not good for a growing fetus.

How can weed harm your baby during pregnancy?


Does smoking weed affect your period?

smoking weed does not affect your period, smoking grass might however

Does smoking weed increase a chance of pregnancy?

It lowers the chance

Can weed give a false pregnancy reading?

No, the test does not measure the chemicals in weed. Only medication containing HCG will give you a false positive pregnancy test. See your doctor for confirmation.

Does smoking weed effect a pregnancy test?

THC (aka - cannabis) has been shown to affect fetal growth; recent studies have also indicated that THC may cause fetal malformations. It is best that an expectant mother not smoke or ingest alcohol or any other toxic product.

Does trichomoniasis affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

Trichomoniasis does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

What is the percent of getting a female pregnant if you smoke weed daily?

It goes down. Weed affects the whole body and will affect fertility. Smoking before pregnancy is also not a good idea. A woman needs to have a healthy body to carry a baby full term. Drugs remove vitamins, affect the central nervous system, affects the heart and lungs, and affects the brain. This in turn would affect the baby.

Can smoking weed affect your ability to produce a male child?

Of course not! Weed doesn't lower the amount of testosterone in your body. It will have no affect whatsoever.

Can the medication fluoxetine affect pregnancy test result?

can fluoxitine affect a pregnancy test result.

Can you still get pregnant if your partner has been smoking weed for quite a while?

weed doesn't prevent pregnancy. condoms and birth control do.