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Q: How does underage teens get guns?
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How do underage teens get guns?


Why is 'Ideal Teens' not appropriate for those who are underage?

"Ideal Teens" is not appropriate for those who are underage. This is because "Ideal Teens" is a website devoted to the dissemination of pornographic content.

Is midnight club 3 an appropriate game to play?

Not for underage teens.

Who did Catcher in the Rye offend?

Conservatives and others who do not wish teens to read about other teens being rowdy, drinking underage, and smoking.

How do teens get guns illegal?

Steal them.

Rehap facilities for underage drinking in Iowa?

There are many great facilities in the northern Iowa area that can help with underage drinking and rehab for teens. I would ask your family doctor for a referral.

Why do underage teens drink?

i dont drink but i can sympathize, life is harder for us than most adults understand

Can underage teens be in a bowling center after 12AM?

It depends on the local city or county laws for curfew as well as the center rules.

How many teens have died in 2009 due to underage drinking?

In 2009, approximately 4,300 underage individuals died from alcohol-related causes, which includes accidents, homicides, and suicides related to alcohol consumption. Among these deaths, some were specifically attributed to underage drinking.

How many underage soldiers joined the army in World War 2?

I believe that it was 18. But it didn't matter that much. Under-age teens snuck in. They also had drummer boys and bugle boys who were quite young. It depends on the position. You might have to google it.

Can underage and pregnant teens move out without a parents permission?

No, being pregnant does not create an emancipation situation. It just shows that the minor cannot take care of themselves.

Does Jen Ledger like Nerf guns?

Jen Ledger has never stated publicly whether or not she likes Nerf guns. However, most children/teens enjoy these toys.