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inadequate ingestion of nutrients needed for proper metabolism (Omega 3 and vitamin D are two biggies in the developed world), excess consumption of junk carbs...

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Q: How does poor diet cause weight gain?
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How do people with sleep apnea gain weight?

The sleep apnea doesn't directly cause weight gain. Usually it is the other way around. But sleep apnea can indirectly cause weight gain by making you tired throughout the day and thus less likely to exercise.

Can you go impotent because of poor diet?

Poor diet can cause impotence indirectly by causingHeart DiseaseDiabetesObesityAny and all of these can cause impotence.

how does israeli armi diet works?

This is not a diet that I myself would recommend to anyone. This is because this particular diet works just like a crash diet would. It lowers your intake of calories by a significant level, and offers very poor nutrition. Also, instead of this diet making you lose weight, it actually makes you gain weight.

Can poor diet causes depression?

Well, a poor diet can cause constipation, and constipation can cause depression.

Can you gain weight on methadone?

yes. many people do, because of poor diet and lack of activity as well as the slowing down of metabolism that comes from any cns depressant

Who is at risk of pellagra?

Over weight people with poor diet.

If you drink 4 to 5 cans of coca cola a day what can that do to your body?

Drinking that amount of coke can rot your teeth. If its diet coke there isn't a lot of sugar but despite that it is still associated with weight gain. Normal coke has a huge about of calories and sugar and can cause weight gain and predispose to diabetes and high blood pressure. Increase cola consumption has also been associated with low bone density but it is not clear if that is from the soda or just a generally poor diet.

Is fasting bad or good?

Fasting won't help lose weight. It will actually make you gain. To lose weight all you have to do is eat balanced diet.

Does weight training increase hair loss?

No, the weight training does not increase hair loss. If you are weight training, make sure that you consume adequate protein and a good diet that includes beneficial fats and plenty of fresh vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. A poor diet, or inadequate fat and protein, or a low fat diet, or a poor lifestyle, can sometimes increase hair loss or be the cause of some types of hair loss.

Can a poor diet cause symptoms similar to those of HIV?

Although it is always best to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, there is currently no evidence that poor diet choices cause symptoms similar to HIV.

What is the main cause of acne?

Poor diet and lack of water are leading causes of teenage acne. Also poor hygiene is a main cause as well.

What is the main cause of teenage acne?

Poor diet and lack of water are leading causes of teenage acne. Also poor hygiene is a main cause as well.