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There have been recent studies showing that marijuana retards the growth of lung cancers. Otherwise, marijuana can relieve the nausea caused by the chemotherapeutic agents and help with appetite.

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Q: How does marijuana help with cancer?
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Does marijuana help cancer patients?


Is medical marijuana cheaper than radiation or chemotherapy for treatment of breast cancer?

Medical marijuana is not a treatment for breast cancer. Medical marijuana is sometimes used to help with symptoms of breast cancer treatments, but it doesn't cure the disease.

Does Marijuana use decreases chances of lung cancer?

No. Smoking won't help anything. Marijuana is not proven to decrease or increase the chance of any kind of cancer.

What are the various prostate cancer treatments?

You can drink cranberry juice and marijuana may help stop cancer growth.

If your on chemo can you take marijuana and help the process of killing cancer cells?

Marijuana will not help the chemotherapy kill cancer cells. What it can do is help you cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. It reduces stress, relieves pain, reduces nausea and vomiting, and increases appetite. This can help you feel better and the increased caloric intake and the fact that you'll keep more food down improve your body's ability to fight cancer. This is why many states allow cancer patients to use marijuana--not because it kills cancer cells, because it does not.

Does marijuana cause lip cancer?

No! You FOOL! Marijuana cures cancer!

Can marijuna cause cancer?

There is no evidence to suggest marijuana causes cancer. There is even research being done that is saying marijuana may actually help protect the body from some kinds of malignant tumors!

Can Marijuana help for nusea?

Not for everyone, but for most people, yes. Marijuana is commonly prescribed to treat nausea and increase appetite in cancer and AIDS patients.

Can marijuana help people that have cancer to gain hunger?

yes, absolutely. The term munchies comes from when you smoke and get very hungry..that is why many people with deases/cancer smoke (specifically medical marijuana) to increase their appetite.

Does cannabis help cancer pain?

There is evidence that marijuana helps with pain from cancer. It is unknown if it actually helps pain receptors but it does help many patients with discomfort.loss of appetite,nausea,etc.

Does secondhand marijuana smoke cause cancer?

No. If marijuana caused cancer they wouldn't give it to cancer patients to save their lives. Marijuana cures cancer.

Does marijuana cause cancer?

GREAT question! Marijuana is completely different then Cigarettes! CIGARETTES Kill someone every 8 seconds. CIGARETTES In the U.S kills more people than cocaine, heoine, alcohol, fire automobile accidents, homicideds, suicides,and AIDS combined. MARIJUANA does NOT cause cancer by itself. It does contains irritants in the smoked form but there has been no cancer that has been linked to marijuana. ACTUALLY the THC in marijuana has been scientifically proven with lab mice to KILL brain cancer cells. It aslo has been proven to shrink tumor size in some patients. THE ANSWER IS MARIJUANA DOES !NOT! CAUSE ANY FORM OF CANCER! The hyper link will help u understand more myths and facts about marijuana.