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The effect of marijuana on metabolism has not yet been scientifically determined, but its effects on appetite and weight gain HAVE been proven. Those who smoke pot will experience "the munchies," although it is unclear whether this is due to a temporarily increased metabolism or whether it is caused by other chemical responses in the brain. Over time this increased caloric consumption will lead to weight gain, which is why HIV/AIDS patients who need to gain weight may be treated with marijuana to help improve their appetite.

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Q: How does marijuana effect metabolism?
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What diet we have to take if you smoke marijuana regularly so that we will not become thin?

None. Marijuana doesn't effect your metabolism and actually makes you feel hungry. Just eat when you feel hungry and your weight will stay the same.

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smoke marijuana

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At a weight of 95 pounds and a high metabolism, marijuana would probably remain in your system for at least 30 days. Regardless of your weight or metabolism, marijuana stays in most people's body for 30 days or longer.

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Marijuana is a mild depressant

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Very little is understood about the effect marijuana has on our eyes. Marijuana effects defferent people differently.

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Of course it does. If u spmoke Marijuana it is in your mouth. It does of course effect your speech

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What is an effect from marijuana?

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Does smoking weed speed up your metabolism?

Studies have yet to confirm, or deny wether smoking marijuana speeds up your metabolism

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Marijuana in and of itself will not effect the taste buds. However, marijuana can increase your appetite, making food more appealing.

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