How does marijuana affect the baby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it doesn't!

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Q: How does marijuana affect the baby?
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Can smoking marijuana once affect the fetus at 5 months of pregnancy?

Yes. i don't believe that it will affect your baby

Is breastfeeding and smoking marijuana on occasion affect the baby and how?

Yes, the drug you intake gets into the milk you make and this then affects the baby.

How does marijuana smoke affect a 2 month old baby?

NO smoke should be inhaled by the baby at all. Its more harmful to the baby to breathe it in than to the person who is smoking...which is stupid.

If your pregnant and someone just finished smoking weed and kisses you can it affect the baby?

Simply put no. The THC in marijuana can only be absorbed into the body through inhalation or ingestion. Simply kissing a person who just smoked marijuana will not harm you or the unborn baby.

What is the risk to yourself when smokin marijuana when pregnant?

No it is bad, marijuana during pregnancy would affect your baby's growth and the development of his nervous system. Studies have shown that children who were exposed to marijuana during pregnancy sometimes have problems focusing their attention and solving problems just among somethings.

Does marijuana affect your triglycerides?


Can marijuana affect breastmilk?

Yes, everything you eat/smoke affects breastmilk. Not to mention your clothing would reak of it and the baby could get high from that.

Does marijuana affect you?

Marijuana is a drug. So yes, by definition, it affects you.

How does Marijuana affect the brain?

Marijuana may cause memory loss.

Are you tested for marijuana when you have a baby?

No. Your baby is asked to fill out a questioner.

How does marijuana affect the brain of a young person long term or short term?

How does a marijuana affect the brain of the young generation

Does marijuana affect you emotionally?