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There are so many different types of illegal drugs and so many different effects that no one person could answer the question as stated.

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Q: How does illegal drugs effect your human body?
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Can a human body die off of a lot of drugs?

yes if the drug is illegal or not prescribed to you.

What could illegal drugs do to human body?

Make brooke campisi feel good.

How are medicines and drugs the same?

They all alter the functioning of the CNS (central nervous system).

What is the condition of a person who does not misuse or abuse drugs?

A person that does not misuse or abuse drugs is going to be healthy. Drugs have a big effect on a persons body whether they are legal or illegal.

Do drugs in basketball have anything to do with science?

You can show how the human body is affected by the usage of drugs (whether they be performance enhancing drugs like steroids or illegal drugs like marijuana) during the play of a basketball game.

What are classifications of drugs?

Drugs may divide in many group according their effect on human body and their uses or source 1.narcotic drugs 2. non-narcotic drug 3

Should illegal drugs be made?

No. Nobody should be making illegal drugs at all. Illegal drugs are made to destroy humans inside their body and that is very dangerous. Illegal drugs should not be made at all, they should be thrown away or be destroyed.

What are the side effect of drugs on human body health?

It depends on the drugs, some drugs help us survive, some drugs will kill us. Some drugs, under different circumstances, may help us or hurt us.

What are you not allowed to have in your suitcase?

Bombs, illegal drugs, endangered species, human body parts (without a permit), poisonous substances (again without a permit or consignment note). Basically anything illegal.

What happens to your body if you inhale illegal drugs?

you become gay

How furadan effect human body?

how effect furadan in female body

How does allergies effect the human body?

it effect the pennis