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A simple way to calculate your BAC is with the following equation APPROXIMATE FORMULA: BAC=(drinks/2)*(Gender_Constant/Weight) - 0.016*Hours. Where 'drinks' is the number of drinks you have had, the 'Gender Constant' is 9.0 for men and 7.5 for women, 'Weight' is your weight in lbs and 'Hours' is how many hours you have been drinking. Following this equation we see that your body is able to reduce your BAC by 0.016 per every hour, thus if a male of weight 150lbs had 6 drinks in an hour their BAC would be 0.1639. If the same person had the same amount of drinks but spaced them out to 3 hours his BAC would be 0.132. That is why it is recommended that you space out your drinking. !!!!!!!!IMPORTANT: THIS IS AN APPROXIMATE EQUATION. DO NOT BASE YOUR DRINKING ON THIS EQUATION!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How does how fast that you drink influence the way alcohol affects tha BAC?
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How fast can you get drunk on pimm's if you have never been drunk before?

About as fast as on any other drink. Drunkenness is a function of how much alcohol you drink over a short time, not the way drinks are mixed. Alcohol is alcohol.

How fast can the liver break down alcohol?

The liver metabolizes the alcohol in one drink per hour.

In Ramadan can a person fast if they drink alicohal?

Ramadan is a Muslim holy time. Only Muslims observe the fast during Ramadan. The fast preculdes observant Muslims from eating or drinking anything between sunrise and sunset. Muslims don't drink alcohol. So, no, it would be wrong for a Muslim to drink alcohol at any time, including Ramadan.

Why your heart is beating so fast after you drink a glass of wine?

Because the alcohol jump starts it.

Is milk a cause of hiccups?

Every food or drink can be a cause for hiccups if consumed to fast - especially alcohol.

What influence a person's blood alcohol concentration?

1. What type of mixer has been consumed with the alcohol (effervescent beverages cause more rapid absorption of alcohol into blood). 2. Whether or not there is food in the person's stomach. 3. How fast a person drinks. 4. The gender of the drinker (higher BAC per drink for women)

Does alcohol help get marijuana out of your system?

Drinking alcohol does not help get weed out of your system any faster than drinking water does. Just drink a bunch of water and it will get it out fast.

Does alcohol affect you if you have one drink?

it all depends on what kind of alcohol it also depends on your heigth and weight

How fast does blood alcohol drop?

Alcohol is removed from the bloodstream by the liver at a relatively constant rate of 15 mg% (.015%) every hour or 1 drink per hour.

What affects how fast alcohol is absorbed into the body?

Alcohol is absorbed primarily in the intestines. Therefore, keeping alcohol in the stomach (by eating food) slows its release into the intestines and therefore, its absorption into the blood stream.

Can you drink alcohol before cholesterol test?

No. The test is a fasting blood test so you don't eat or drink anything before the test from midnight the night before until the test is done. Best to do the test first thing in the morning.

How fast do molecules of alcohol move?

The speed at which molecules of alcohol move can vary depending on factors such as temperature. However, on average, the molecules of alcohol move at speeds of around several hundred meters per second.