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energy transfers through a jack in the box by when you turn the handle you are transferring energy into the spring and the more yu turn the handle the more energy that is being transferred to the spring to make it wotk.

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Q: How does energy transfer through a jack in the box?
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What type of energy transfers through a jack in the box?

The energy that is used by you to compress the spring to close the box is stored in the spring until some one opens the box and releases the energy in the spring.

Is it gravitational energy in the spring of a jack in the box?

No. A spring has ANOTHER kind of potential energy.

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Jack lives on the end of a spring. A compressed spring contains potential energy that converts to kinetic energy when released.

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What happens to the potential energy in a jack-in-the-box when you release the lid?

It is released (it has been stored in the spring) and appears as kinetic energy

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