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A mammalian embryo gets oxygen and nutrients from it mother by means of the umbilical cord which extends the embryonic blood supply into the placenta embedded in the mothers womb. The blood supply in the placenta is close to that of the mother and oxygen and nutrients diffuse across from the mother to the baby.

With egg laying animals the nutrients are supply to the embryo as the yolk part of the egg and oxygen is supplied by diffusion through the permeable shell and shell membrane

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Q: How does an embryo get oxygen and nutrients from its mom?
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The developing embryo receives nutrients and oxygen from the mother's?


How does the embryo receive oxygen and nutrients?

Through the umbilical cord.

Oxygen and nutrients are directly available to a human embryo through the?

Umbilical cord!!

Where is oxygen and nutrients directly available to a human embryo?

umblical cord

What is the organ the develops between the embryo and the uterus during pregnancy and filters the nutrients and oxygen?

The Placenta.

Describe how the embryo receives oxygen and nutrients and how it gets rid of wastes?

its gets it all through the umbilical cord

How does a chicken embryo obtain sufficient nutrients and oxygen during development?

The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas occurs through the eggshell. The chorion lines the inside surface of the egg and is connected to the blood vessels of the embryo.

Where does the embryo of the mammal receive its nutrients from?

The mammal embryo receives its nutrients from the mother through the placenta. The placenta allows nutrients to travel from the mother's system to the embryo's, and for waste products to leave the embryo's system so they can be disposed of by the mothers.

What provides food and oxygen for a developing embryo?

The Placenta uses a the process of diffusion to diffuse the nutrients from the mothers blood into the babies. Then the umbilical cord carries the nutrients to the baby to the Placenta. Answer is Placenta

Where does the embryo get nutrients during external development?

This may be wrong, but I believe that it comes with the embryo it's self and provides nutrients.

Why would an embryo be more susceptible than a fetus to damage by toxins?

The embryo is connected to the umbilical cord to the mother. The baby feeds on what its mother eats. Absorbs the nutrients and oxygen it needs. Drugs and other harmful substances will affect the embryo's development and it could possibly cause low birth weight, early birth. Also it will cause the embryo now a fetus have problems receiving oxygen and nutrients from its mother.

Where does a plant embryo get its nutrients?

From its parent plant.