How does a guy licking a girl feel?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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well it depends on wat she did early today like if she took a bath or shower it would taste like poison and spice

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Q: How does a guy licking a girl feel?
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Why does a guy lick a girl between her legs?

A guy is licking a girls vagina. this is called eating her out, and is the opposite of a blowjob

When a guy says a girl is a squirter when he is talking about a girl he slept with what does that mean?

this means that she was naked and that he was fingering her or licking her or having sex and she squirted stuff out of her vagina.

What does love mean when a guy loves a girl or a girl loves a guy?

I think different! They should feel it from the heart!

Why do i feel like a guy in a girl body?

You may feel like a guy in a girls body because you were meant to be guy instead. It is called transgender.

How does a guy feel hugging a girl?

Some of them might feel good, and some of them probably not feel ok.

How does a girl kiss a guy?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Why does a guy feel like he has to protect a girl?

Girls are delicate.

How does it feel like when a guy cums inside a girl?


Is it supposed to feel good when a girl cums?

For a guy and girl yes it is. The girl will feel a full body almost spasm and chills down your back. And you'll hear slurping sounds and feel it get wet. The guy will feel it get wet suddenly, and will experience a suction for a couple seconds, so very good.

What does a girl feel when a guy kiss her?

she gets a wierd feeling in her gut..

What does a guy feel when kissing a girl?

she gets a wierd feeling in her gut..

What to do if a girl says she does not feel comfortable with a guy and can never be his friend?

Well coming from a girl you probably did something to her.