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Tell him you want to feel the pleasure of being cummed inside.

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Q: How does a girl put the moves on a guy?
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What girl will you love to put makeup on this guy?

all girls would love to put make up on any guy

Can a girl enjoy when guy put menis in?

o yeah.....they do.

Where is the guy who teaches their old moves in Pokemon black?

there is a girl who will teach old moves for a heart scale in the house next to the pokemon center in mistralton city

Does anyone remember the name of the movie where this guy moves into an apartment and the girl how lived there before haunts it?

Just Like Heaven

What is the manga where a girl moves in with a guy to watch his brothers kids and wants to open her own daycare?

(love life) i think

If you put Pokemon in the daycare centre in Pokemon ruby does the guy teach them moves?

yeah he does so you shouldn't teach your Pokemon good moves until after you take him out of the daYCARE

How does the girl ride the boy while she's on top?

The guy lays down, the girl puts it in her and she moves up and down without hurting him. only skinny people can do this.

What does it mean when a guy moves close to you when your with other people he started stroking my hair as well?

When a guy moves close to you when you're with other people and he started stroking your hair, it means that he likes you. The fact that he does it in front of others could be inadvertently saying that you are his girl.

Why teen get pregnand?

because a guy and a girl both got naked and the guy put his penis in her vagina and they made a baby

What does rejection do to a beautiful girl does she hate the guy for it?

ya, if this girl really put her self out there for "him" then she does hold resentment toward this person, but if she liked them then she wouldn't hate them, my advice is this guy to put him self out there too, then if she rejects him, he know to move on best of luck

What is it called when a guy fingers a girl and she gives him hand at the same time?

When a guy fingerbangs a girl he is using his fingers like a penis, He inserts them into the vagina and moves them in and out to pleasure the girl. i like to use two fingers, if using one use the middle finger. it's easier.

If a guy and a girl are in a slow dance do girls ever put their hand down his pants and grab his cock?

The girl is supposed too, but if not the guy is supposed to whisper in the girsl ear to do so.