How does a girl feel about prom?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I am not a girl. However I believe that girls feel that a Prom should be very special, perfect, fun, and romantic.

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Q: How does a girl feel about prom?
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Who asks for prom?

Anyone! Heck, if a girl wants to ask a guy to prom GO FOR IT! If a guy wants to ask a girl to prom DO IT!

Who is prom king and queen in Disney movie prom?

The guy who was dating Simone and was cheating on that other girl. And that other girl was the prom queen

How do you ask girl to prom?

go to her and ask her nicely that would she like to go to prom with you?

Who did Soulja Boy go to prom with?

he went with a girl name DeAna to to prom and she has his baby.

What is the song in the Gossip Girl episode where nate and Blair are dancing at prom?

prom theme by fountains of Wayne

To ask a girl to prom would flower petals spelling PROM on her bed be good?

im not a girl but that sounds like it would work pretty well.

Can girl ask a guy to the Jr prom?

Yes she can

What is the one that is given to the girl during prom?


How can a boy be a girl to go to prom?


What EXACTLY should you say when asking a girl to prom?

Hey guess what, I got good new for you. You can go to the prom with me!

How do you ask a girl for the prom?

i think u say prom is coming up and if your not going with anyone will u go with me

Do guys keep the girls garter after prom?

Yes, and the girl's receive the "bow tie" from the guy after prom in return.