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You start you feel happy and tingly when you see or think about the person you are "crushing" on. It is very common during the teenage years. You feel attracted to that certain person!

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Q: How does a crush start?
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What should I do if a boy has a crush on me and I had a crush on him but he didn't know that I knew he had a crush on me?

Well your should tell him or if your shy start getting to know each other then start dating but don't rush

Why do Nick Jonas like Miley Cyrus?

Because they have write a song together. And few days after he start to have crush on her. And she have start to have crush on him is well.

What should you do to get your crush to like you?

start talking to him/her

When did Peeta start to have a crush on Katniss?

He said that he has a crush on her since the firstday of school when she sang

How can you start to hate your crush?

If he says you're stalking him.

How do you find a crush?

well you find a crush by looking everywhere start at school, neighborhood etc. find people who is like you the most and people who you like there you go you have a crush

Where do you start Crash's Crush quest on HorseIsle?

You start Crash's Crush on the south-west arm of Starfish Isle. (Note: You must first do Wax for Crash first.) -RohanHorse (Dun) =)

If you have a crush on a boy and they do not know what do you do?

just start talking to them and if they like you they will start trying to talk to you its that simple

Is it ok for 11 girls to have a major crush on a guy that has a crush on her to?

yea as long as your not dating at least be 13 when u start dating

People told me that my crush used to like me How do I get him to like me again?

If your crush used to like you, you can show him that you care for him and he will start liking you again.

Why did your crush start a rumour saying you like someone else?

he was imberresed

What are some signs that you really like your friend as a crush?

you start to flirt