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If you are too embarrassed to ask for it, you'll regret having gotten it.

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Q: How does a boy ask for a girls pixie haircut?
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Can a boy get a pixie haircut?

It is perfectly fine for a boy to have a pixie hair cut. It is a free country and you can have your hair however you want.

Can a boyplay on pixie hallow?

If you are a boy and you wish to play Pixie Hollow you will not be able to make a boy account as the website was created for the use of girls. I did not mean to offend anyone who wishes to play. If you want to play you can probably try to disguise yourself as a boy but unfortuanly most of the clothes are designed for girls. Hope this helps! <3 xoxozzxoxo <3

What haircut should I get for the first day of 5th grade I am a boy btw?

A good haircut for the first day of school for a boy is a Caesar haircut.

How do ask a boy out on a date?

Same as boys ask girls. Just ask him.

Can a guy get the Go Mi Nam haircut?

Yes. Since Go Mi Nam is actually posing as a guy in You're Beautiful, the haircut is meant for a boy, but it could pass for a girl, too. It would look cute for both boys and girls, depending on the shape of your face. I suggest that you bring a copy of the haircut's photo with you and ask them first if it would suit you. Good luck!

What is a boy pixie called?

A boy pixie is called a Sparrow Man in the Disney Fairies / Pixie Hollow books and on-line world that the Walt Disney Company has created.

How do you get a hot boy to like you?

Ask him somethings that he likes in girls

Are girls too pushy when they ask the boy out?

No, in fact, girls should ask out boys more often, boys love it. They love girls who know what they want!

Why can't you ask a boy out?

says who? Girls have the same right to express as boys. You could feel free to ask a boy out but remember that it is up to him to accept as if the case was a boy asking a girl out. Boys and Girls are equal.

Who should ask the other out first boys or girls?

A girl thinks its more traditional for the boy to ask and a boy likes it when a girl asks.

What is so special for girls on a leap year?

They can ask a boy to marry them.

Why do girls think they are fat?

Because boy don't see what they really are and boys don't ask girls out!!