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if there's sun there is evaporation

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Q: How does Water evaporate from pool on humid days?
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Does water in heated pool evaporate in the winter?

Yes, this water is evaporated.

Does pool water evaporate faster then plain water?

The difference is not significant.

Can salt evaporate with pool water?

No. The salt is left behind in the pool , with the salt concentration becoming higher.

Is it possible for a black winter vinyl pool cover to superheat the air and the pool water and cause the water to evaporate?

The water is going to evaporate at some rate with or without a cover. You need to add water to the pool at least once per week. Evaporation rates without a cover would be close to 1.5" per week in most areas. k

Where to discharge salt system pool water?

Let it out over a large lined area to evaporate.

How do you get rid of excess water in an above ground pool?

Put it in direct sunlight and let it evaporate

Do salt pool evaporate at a higher rate than non salt pools?

No Pool water evaporates in one day or one week

Does an open swimming pool evaporate more in the summer or high heat days. Our pool seems too.?

the rate a pool evaporates at depends on the relative humidity. If the climate in summer in your area has a low relative humidity and it is hot you Will tend to lose more water. You must keep in mind also the fact that in the Summer the pool is used and with people going in and out of the water there is also a loss created.

You heard new pool water is green and turns blue in a few days is this true?

You have to treat pool water with pool chemicals and use a pool filter to get and keep the water clear.

Should you replace water in your salt water pool?

Yes. The water will evaporate, leaving the salt behind. Let the process go on long enough, and you'll have a brine pool of VERY salty water. The only way that salt gets out of the pool is when swimmers track the salt water away as they walk away.

Is it normal for the water level in the pool to rise and drop at times?

yes it is normal. because the sun will evaporate the water when its hot and when it rains well the water goes into the pools

How often would you need a pool maintenance person when you convert a chloride water pool to a salt water pool?

two or three days a week