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AnswerHe feels much more relieved, but he doesn't want Harry snogging her in public.

Ron could also be happy that Ginny's dating his best friend and not someone else.

Because Ron didn't like those other guys and Ron could trust Harry.

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Q: How does Ron feel about Harry dating Ginny?
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Is Harry Potter dating hemiony?

No he is not. Ron is dating Hermione, Harry is dating Ginny.

Was Ron Weasley angry at Harry Potter for dating Ginny Weasley?

No, Ron was very shocked when Harry kissed Ginny but he didn't get angry. In fact, Ron only grew angry in the next book when he thought that Harry was leading Ginny on after breaking up with her. In fact, Ginny had kissed Harry.

Who is Harry in love with in the 6th book The Half-Blood Prince?

Harry Potter happens to be in love with Ron's little sister Ginny. But Ginny is dating Dean but ditched him and loves Harry. Hermonie is in love with Ron but Ron's girlfriend named Lavender. He ends up not really liking her and breaks up with her. Ron likes Hermonie but doesn't say anything!

Is Harry Potter best friends with Ginny Weasley?

Yes, Harry Ron and Hermione are still friends. Ron and Hermione are married and as Harry married Ron's sister, they spend a lot of time together.

How did ron find out about harry and Ginny?

Harry Potter kissed Ginny Weasley in front of everybody in Gryffindor, including Ron Weasley.

Do Harry Potter and Ron Weasley stay friends?

Yes. They end up brothers-in-law when Harry married Ginny Weasley.

What year does Harry and Ginny get together The same for Hermione and Ron?

Harry and Ginny start dating sixth year, but then break up until after the Second Wizarding War is over. Hermione and Ron get together during the Battle of Hogwarts in what would have been their seventh year.

Is Harry Potter married to Hermione Granger?

No. Hermione Granger married Ron Weasley. Harry married Ginny Weasley.

Did Harry Potter ever kiss Ginny?

Yes.In the end Harry marries Ginny and Ron marries Hermionie!

Does Harry Potter fancy Ron Weasley?

No. Harry Potter is hetrosexual and married to Ron's sister Ginny.

Why does Harry love Ginny and not Hermione?

Because Hermione belongs 2 Ron and always has loved Ron not Harry

Why doesnt Hermione marry Harry Potter?

Four reasons: 1. Hermione likes Ron 2. Ron likes Hermione 3. Harry likes Ginny 4. Ginny likes Harry