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You can't but you can get a magnifier simply by typing magnifier in the start bar. (:

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Q: How do you zoom in for debut video capture?
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Which is the best webcam software?

Deffinatly You Cam 4 or Debut video capture software.

What is a good source of information for capture video software?

Some good sources of information about video capturing software are: CamStudio, NCH Software, Cnet, CamVerce, Debut Video Capture Software, Snagit, WM Recorder Bundle, Sonne Screen Video Capture, to name a few.

How do you record your screen without a frame-rate drop?

Download: Debut Video Capture Software from the site

What is zoom in digital camera?

zoom is to enlarge the image and capture in a digital camera

How can you write a sentence with zoom in it?

With the zoom of the lens, I could capture distant objects with my camera.

Is debut video capture software safe?

Yes, Although, it does cost $40 last I checked, its a sfae, adn well working program :D

How can you install video capture hardware on your computer?

how can i install video capture hardware???my PC saying video capture hardware not found

How hard is it to capture video on a computer using a video capture card?

It is not hard at all to capture a video on a computer using a video capture card. Just make sure that you have a computer, a video capture device, video capture software, and if you want to edit your video you will need Video Editing software. If you want to record your video to DVD you will need DVD recording software. If you want to physically record the DVD you will need a DVD burner.

How do you use Video Download Capture?

How to change settings on video cownload capture

How do I capture video in Final Cut Express?

File > Log and Capture... Capture will record and save video from a tape based video camera. Transfer will copy video to your computer from a hard-drive based video camera.

What is the Use of video grabber capture card?

Video grabber card allows you to capture video signal in a high resolution.

How do you increase the video size of VisualBoy Advance?

zoom in