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This 0.10 is ten hundredths in decimal form

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2011-06-09 21:30:05
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Q: How do you write 10 hundredths in decimal form?
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Write 4/10 as hundredths in fraction form and decimal?


how do i write 4/10 as hundreths in decimal form?

4/10 as hundredths is 40/100. In decimal form it is 0.4.

How do you write 10 hundredths in decimal?

It is 0.10

How do you write ten and eighty-one hundredths in decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal, 10 81/100 is equal to 10.81.

How do you write 5 tenths and 51 hundredths in decimal?

5/10 plus 51/100 = 1.01 in decimal form

How do you write ten hundredths as a decimal?

you right .10

How do you write 10 and 15 hundredths as a decimal?


How do you write twelve and fourteen hundredths in decimal form?

12.14 The whole-number part, 12, is the part left of the decimal point. The position first right of the decimal point is the tenths place; the position second right of the decimal point is the hundredths place. We can't write "14" in the single-column hundredths place. And in fact, 10 hundredths (10/100) is the same as one tenth (1/10), so we can write a "1" in the first position right of the decimal point to stand for the ten-hundredths portion of fourteen hundredths (10 of the 14 hundredths). And the remaining four hundredths (4/100) are indicated by the 4 in the hundredths place.

Ten and sixty-two hundredths as a decimal?

Expressed in decimal form, 10 and 62 hundredths is equal to 10.62.

How do you write 209 and 3 hundredths standard form?

209 and 3/100 is 209.03 as a decimal and in standard form it is 2.0903*10^2

How do you write 3 and ten hundredths?

3.10 or 3.1, if you want it in decimal form; otherwise, it's 3 10/100

How do you write ten and ninteen hundredths?

It is: 10 and 19/100 which is 10.19 as a decimal

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