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Its length in meters times its width in meters is its square area in meters.

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Q: How do you work out the square meter of a swimming pool?
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How do you work out the square meter of a room?

length times widthMeasure the length and the width in metres and then multiply both

Can you use centimeters to measure a fish tank or swimming pool?

Yes, but later you would have to do all the work again to change it to different measurements and it would take longer.

How many square fee t in 1 meter?

Zero, null, nada Square feet is unit of measurement for area Meter is a linear measurement so.... if you meant how many square feet in a square meter, then you need to do a conversion from SAE to metric, this is most likely homework and its in your book somewhere. so heres how you do it i= number of inches in one meter ((i)(i))/((12)(12)) so its number of inches in one meter times the number of inches in one meter This tells you how many square inches are in a square meter Next we need to know how many square inches are in a square foot 12 inches per foot 144 square inches per square foot (12 times 12)(foot times foot) so now take your first product: i times i and divide it by 144, it should be around nine. I just realized I made that way more complicated than it has to be, but you should do some of your own work anyhow

How do you work out a square meter calculation for an uneven room?

I would start with the largest possible rectangle. What's left should be a collection of triangles.

What are some examples of the units used in the SI measurement?

meter (for length), square meter (for area), cubic meter (for volume), meters/second (for speed or velocity), meters/second2 (for acceleration), kilogram (for mass), newton (for weight), joules (for energy or work), watts (for power), ampere (for current), volts (for voltage), ...

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How do you work out a square meter of a km?

That is like asking how many yards in a gallon. There are no square meters in a meter, and no meters in a square meter.

How do you work square meter back to meter?

You don't. Square meter is a unit for area, meter is for length - they're different things.

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It is an inanimate object, and cannot join the workforce.

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1. your height 2. how far to your place of work or study 3. how long a swimming pool is

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How do you work out square meter of 200UC46 steel beam?

with a ruler

One meter is equal to how many square millimeters?

one-millionth of a square meter is one square millimeter. In decimal, 0.000001 square meters