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It all depends on the size of the flare on the plug. If its double flare, they should list the size of the flare. If it's larger than your stretch, you're gonna have to stretch up unless your lobes are super stretchy/loose.

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Q: How do you wear double flare plugs Do i have to be 16mm to wear a 14mm saddle plug?
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The 1.4Tdci DuraTorq engine's sump plug requires a 14mm socket or cranked ring-spanner. Luckily, a 14mm spark-plug socket can be found in most motorists' tool-box. 14mm is also equivalent to 7/16 " Whitworth.OOps! I got the above wrong! I meant a Spark-plug socket for 14mm spark-plugs (there are little 10mm spark plugs for lawn mowers and such) and that is actually a modern 21mm or old 7/16" Whitworth. Of course, the questioner is most likely asking about one of the older diesel engines - which are quite different.

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Depends on which size plug you are using. Hint, keep changing sockets until you find the one that fits. They are not metric. There are three sizes of plug in normal use, 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. (They are identified by their thread size) The socket sizes for these are 5/8" (16mm) 13/16" (21mm) and 15/16" (24mm). However, many 14mm plugs (the most common size) have 5/8 hexagons, and many 18mm plugs have 13/16 hexagons!

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You will find one on each side of the block, close to the oil pan, near the motor mounts. A 14mm socket will fit the plugs.

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Engine 3.3L Spark Plug RE14PLP5 Gap 0.048 TO 0.053 Thread Size 14mm (1 in.) reach This Engine uses Champion Platinum tipped Spark plugs.

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