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Onthe newer ones im not so sure but on the 3g you cant really watch movies on it unless you get the 3.0 upgradean theN you can watch stuff online. And theres always been YouTube. Good luck

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Q: How do you watch mpvies on your iPhone?
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Where to watch supernatural online on iPhone?

Where can I watch supernatural on iPhone 4

Best app to watch mouvie on iphone?

The best app to watch movies on your iPhone is Popcorn Time.

How do you watch HULU on your iPhone?

You can watch Hulu on your iPhone if you download the hulu plus app. It does cost money though.

Want 2 watch The last new full movie for free on my iPhone?

To watch the Last Casino full movie for free on your iPhone, you will need the Popcornflix application.

What's the best site to watch movies on for free on iPhone?

Crackle is a great site to watch free movies on the iPhone.

Can you watch movies on an iPhone?


Do anyone know about a site where i can watch movies for free on iPad iPhone?

A site where you can watch movies for free on an iPad or iPhone is

Can you watch videos on let me watch this on an iPad iPhone iMac or a Mac book?

Yes, you can watch videos on LetMeWatchThis on an iPad, iMac, or Mac book. The service is not available for the iPhone.

Where can you watch fullmetal alchemist brotherhood on iPhone?

If you have netflix downloaded on your iPhone you can use that, or you can go on websites like and watch it there. hope that helps :)

Can you watch live tv on an iPhone?

yes you can install orblive to your PC anda iPhone

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Where can you watch supernatural on iPhone 4?