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You cannot watch full screen video.

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Q: How do you watch full screen video on samsung e250?
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Can you see full screen videos on samsung e250?


Who invented the Samsung E250 cell phone?

Samsung is the inventor of the Samsung E250 cell phone. The Samsung E250 phone was introduced in the UK in 2007.

What are the phone specs for the Samsung E250?

Phone specs for the Samsung E250 are quite impressive for the price. Some of them include a battery life of up to five hours, bluetooth, Photocall for up to 1000 entries, camera and video capabilities.

What should you do if some buttons on a Samsung E250 don't work?

what should you do if the buttons on a Samsung E250 don't work.

How do you reset the network lock on Samsung sgh- e250?

what is the code for samsung sgh-e250

How do you upgrade samsung sgh e250 software version?

please can you help as I do update my phone to type sgh-e250 Samsung ?

How do you upgrade Samsung sgh-e250 software version?

please can you help as I do update my phone to type sgh-e250 samsung ?

Does samsung e250 have wifi?

An e250 phone doesn't have Wi-Fi but it has Bluetooth installed in it.

Why has the screen on my Samsung E250 gone white?

You could be experiencing problems with your operating system. You should try taking your battery out. Once the screen returns to normal, you should reset your phone.

How do you software update your Samsung sgh-e250?

samsung sgh e 250

Samsung SGH-E250 network lock?

You can remove network lock from Samsung E250 using code that can be purchased from any vendors online like

Code to reset Samsung E250 back on default?

how can i send pictures from my E250 samsung mobile tried multi media and normal text,, then i get message currupt