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the rockets fire before you leave the ramp/jump and you dont press anything to use them, it does it automatically

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Q: How do you use the rocket On shopping cart hero?
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How do you use your rocket in shopping cart hero?

you press space bar

How do you use the rocket On shopping cart hero 3?

you don't. you will have to get over it and get a life and get off your video games or you will sit on your couch all day and get fat.

Cheats for shopping cart hero 2?

On the monkey boss dude you can use the bat to block his banana

How do you find the second boss in shopping cart hero 3?

You get high, then you get the ten reindeer, then you use reindeer boost. You'll get the rest when you get there

How do you unlock the snowman's head in Shopping Cart Hero 3?

You use your bat to hit snowman heads off of 15 snowmen.

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Why should we use online shopping cart software?

That's how we organize our shopping

How do you unlock the shark on shopping cart hero 3?

When you defeat the dinosaur you unlock a whip, use the whip on the penguins on the ice level and they drag you underwater, hit the missiles back at the shark and defeat it.

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