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Q: How do you use raga theme effects in nokia c5 03?
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How do you use raga theme effects in nokia c5-03?


What can you get free games for Nokia E7?

Nokia is simple use instrument no complication in use.

Who use slogan connecting people?

See Nokia

How can you put nokia 5310 china a theme to download?

If you want nokia 5310 or any phones themes,games,......etc go to mobile9.comdon't try to download it with your phone use a computer and after downloading copy or move them to your phone via bluetooth,usb,.........etc

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use a PC suite .for eg. If you have nokia phone use nokia PC suite

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No, Nokia only use Symbian and Windows phone.

Which cell phone does Aamir Khan use?

Nokia 1200 and Nokia 6610

How do you put themes on a nokia 5230?

Easy Step for 5230. Find themes from zedge or Google. Use Memory card Reader. Copy/Move Theme File your Memory Card Others Folders insert your Memory Card your phone. Use File Browser. Open Others Folder Look your Theme file run. Look Settigs Select Private Select theme Select your Theme Better?

How can convert music on Nokia n95 ngb?

Use Nokia Music Manager. You can download it from internet or install it from disc included with this nokia.

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I believe it's the Nokia E90 Communicator.

Is there any chance that you can use WiFi in Nokia N70?

nokia n70 does not have wifi connection.

Can you use Facebook on a Nokia C1-01?

the answer is yes. you can use facebook with nokia can use it by opera mini browser or facebook software.