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Well.... You pee on it...

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Q: How do you use a clear blue pregnancy test?
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Can you use bleach as a pregnancy test?

No. Always buy one from the drug store. Popular ones sold are First Response and Clear Blue

What does blue mean on a pregnancy test?

It depends on what that pregnancy test uses to indicate pregnancy. Read the directions carefully to see what they use to indicate a positive or negative pregnancy test.

What does a blue line mean on a quickview pregnancy test?

It is the control line. Meaning that the test is valid. If there is no line that means the test is bad so use another. If the blue line shows it means the test is good. The blue line DOES NOT mean you are pregnant.

Can you use a pregnancy test twice?

No you can not

Can dogs use a human pregnancy test?


Can a pregnancy test give the wrong results if you poop during the test?

Yes, definitely! Never use a pregnancy test stick as a dildo!

How can you tell if your pregnant before you have your next period?

Take a pregnancy test. Buy and use a HPT. (home pregnancy test)

How to check the girl is pregnant?

use pregnancy test

What's the best home pregnancy test for my friend to use?

There are many home pregnancy tests for your friend to use. Home pregnancy test are pretty much the same in terms of accuracy and reliability, so I would recommend the pregnancy test that is the cheapest at a local grocery store or pharmacy.

Can you get a false negative pregnancy test after removal of IUD?

IUD insertion, use, and removal do not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. Repeat the test in two weeks.

How late do you have to be before you can take a pregnancy test?

most pregnancy tests can be used the a after a missed period. each test will tell you when you can use the test from. or ask at a pharmacy.

Can you use blood on a urine pregnancy test?

That depends.. on certain hCG test. It is recommended to read the manual of your urine pregnancy test. Some test accept blood/serum, but some test do not.

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