How do you use ISO on pcsx2?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How do you use ISO on pcsx2?
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Can you play pcsx2 without CD?

doing the download of ISO. FILES

How do you play Jak and Daxter on PC?

yes i believe it is possible. you have to download pcsx2 9.0.7. its a ps2 emulator for PC. i know you can play jak 2 and 3 and the combat racing but everytime i try to run the iso pcsx2 crashes. that was a torrent however, not a game i ripped myself. you can use a program such as DVD decrypter, img burn, magic iso, etc. to save the ps2 game to your hard drive in iso form so pcsx2 can read it, then select the iso and run the game. ONLY USE GAMES THAT YOU ALREADY OWN. PIRACY IS A CRIME! but who cares right?

How do you use pcsx2 in PC?

install it :o then you will need: the DVD or ISO of the game PS2 BIOS (have to be the correct type, ie you want Europeal BIOS if your game is PAL) correctly configured plugin <- you can find them and how to config them on pcsx2 website.

Can you install the Sims 2 to your hard drive?

If you are talking about the PC version, then YES. But, you can't install the PS2 version. You need PCSX2 and the PS2 ISO image of the game for that. You can get PCSX2 from You need the best PCs out there to run PCSX2 at full speed.

How do you use neutrinosx2?

you don't you use pcsx2 instead

You have a pcsx2 0.9.2 you already have the Europe pal bioswhat you want to ask is how to play the ps2 gameswhen you want to play the silent hill origins it only display the browser of the pcsx2?

did you set the game source (ISO or cd)? did you click File>Run CD/DVD ?

Can you play ps1 games on pcsx2?

not sure, but why would you want to use pcsx2 when there's ePSXe ? you can play most of the games on ePSXe :D

How do you emulate using neutrinoSX2?

you don't you use pcsx2 instead

Can you use PS2 DVD games to play it use pcsx2?

no you must create files fron the game disc in yor harddrive before you play the game using pcsx2 in your PC

How do you play tekken 5 on pcsx2 0.9.8 in full speed?

You will need an emulator and the ROM image (i.e. an ISO image) of the game. PSP2 emulators have been out for some time now.

What is PCSX2?

PCSX2 is an emulator that makes it possible to play PS2 games on your PC

How do you used ISO?

In order to use ISO file...u must use the programme Nero or Roxio..this allow these ISO files to be burn into the directed path that have been selected.