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Bing and Yahoo do not allow you to upload videos. Means they do not host videos. However, you can try Microsoft Skydrive to upload videos. Skydrive is a kind of personal data storage drive rather than a video sharing web site.

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Q: How do you upload videos to bing?
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How do people upload videos to update their Vlog?

With a (free) YouTube account, you can upload videos and embed them into any website.

Can you upload videos to twitter?

Yes you can upload videos to twitter ok, HOW?

Is there a website to upload videos?

You can upload your videos onto youtube, if you have an account, or facebook, if you have an account.

How can I upload videos on youtube from an android?

press upload on your android and then it will go to your gallery and then you pick which videos you want the press upload

How do you upload videos at hulu?

Hulu is not an user-powered website. Therefore, you cannot upload videos to it.

Is there a website for kids to upload videos?

You can upload it on YouTube.......

Can you upload videos on YouTube with windows DVD Maker?

No. You can't use Windows DVD Maker to upload videos with. But you can upload videos to YouTube using Windows Live Movie Maker.

What are digital media upload website?

Sites on which u can upload videos,pictures. For example youtube or yahoo videos

What video style does Wings of Redemption upload to You Tube?

Wings of Redemption upload game play videos of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. They also upload many other videos of other games. They also upload videos that review games.

Where do videos you upload on facebook go?

On your profile on the videos tab.

Why I cannot upload videos to iMovie?

The movies are on my desktop and I click to upload them and it does not allow me to. The videos are .MOV and I am able to watch them in Quick Time but, I cannot upload to iMovie! HELP!

How do you upload videos on Facebook?

on your profile page, click on the + and click videos, you made a video tab, then click on "upload video" find your video and upload it. it's that simple