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If it is your photo, it should say the name and next to it, it should say (Remove Tag), and you click on that. But if it is NOT your photo, you can't. You would have to ask the person who uploaded the photo do un-tag that person.

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Q: How do you untag someone else that is not you in a photo on facebook?
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How do you untag yourself in a photo someone else tagged you in on facebook-?

The way that you untag yourself in a photo someone else tagged you in on Facebook, is to go to your photos. Click "photos of you". Next click the photo that you wish to untag yourself from. Go to options and choose remove tag.

How do you remove photo on someone's Facebook?

Please read this. I believe the only way is through legal action.

How do you delete photos on my facebook page?

The answer is rather logical. If you put them on you can delete them by pressing the delete button. if someone else tagged you you can only untag yourself by looking under the picture it will say your name and all you have to do is press untag. If the photo shows innapropriate content of you or someone else oyu can press innapropriate send a mail to facebook staff and then they will decide if that is so. But you cant deleted photos out of someone elses albums .

What is it that someone else has to take before you can get it?

your photo your photo

How do you untag yourself in a photo someone else tagged you in on facebook?

If you are the one that added the tag to the photo, there should be an option beside their name to I believe it is "untag". But like I said. You have to be the one that added the Tag tp the photo.

How do you tag yourself in facebook photos?

to tag your self you must hover over the photo and click tag photo then click on the face of you or some one else and type your/there name in but if it is someone elses photo you will do that step but they will have to accsecpt the tag next time they see the photo

How do you delete photos on facebook that you've been tagged in?

If you have posted the photo, there will be a small button that says, "delete this photo" and you can just click on that. If you have been tagged in a photo by someone else, you can untag yourself, but the photo will still remain. You will need to email the person who posted the photo to ask them to take it down.

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