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If you don't know the password, you are likely not authorized to use the router, Contact the operator of the router for permission.

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Q: How do you unlock linksys on ipod touch if you dont know password?
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How do you unlock linksys on ipod touch?

Put in the password. if you dont know the password you cant get on

How do you unlock your ipod touch if you dont know the password?

Just plug it to the computer and it will reset it

How do you enable the password for a Linksys wireless router to prevent others from using it?

i had the same router, linksys. but i had to ring up the company about putting a password on it, i dont think you can lictrally do it yourself x

How do you unlock a Droid phone if you lock yourself out of it and don't remember your password.?

how can i unlock my droid phone if i dont have the username or the password

What do you do when you dont know your iPod touch password?


I just got a new linksys wireless internet box but when I go on my ipodyou have to type in a password to access wifi. I dont know what the password is. How do I disable the password from computr?

actually, i had a psp and the password to get thrue was 0000. my psp broke and i got a new one. the password was still 0000. try 0000

How do you change a password on an ipod touch if you dont have a plug?

plug? you dont need a plug for that, you just need to actually know the current password... go to settings/general/passcode lock once there you enter the current password and that will enable the option to change the password

How do you reset password on the 7 inch touch screen tablet?

i dont know go to the back

How do you SIM unlock password for samsung sgh C 145?

my mobile is lock now i dont no password please give me

How do you unlock the ipod touch when you forgot the password and dont have itunes?

Ok i had the same problem but i figured it out ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS FOLLOW ONE OF THESE STEPS:1. Go to a apple website and unlock your iPod N0TE Your songs, videos, and other stuff on your iPod might be erased.2. You can ask someone for help3. That's all the steps

How do you unlock your new ipod touch?

you go to Itunes and plug it in. if you dont have itunes just go to and download it.

When a Ipod is locked and you've forgot the password is there a way to unlock or reset it?

dont you hook it up to a computer with itunes and reset it?....yeah try that.